Roast Beef Panini

I got a new Cuisinart panini maker! I couldn’t decide what to make first, but settled on rare roast beef, tomatoes, roasted peppers, cheddar, horseradish, aioli mayonnaise with a ciabatta loaf.  Okay, I overloaded it, but it was my first time :)

The ciabatta was not my favorite; next time I’ll use a baguette and maybe exclude the tomatoes.  Tasted good though.


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9 Responses to Roast Beef Panini

  1. I adore paninis! I’d absolutely devour this. By the way, a panini isn’t a panini if it isn’t overfilled.

  2. You and your kitchen gadgets – how about making the sandwiches under a grill/broiler (is that the correct American)

  3. ceciliag says:

    It is true the smashing is pretty important, in the absence of a panini maker I use an old cast iron! maybe we will have these tomorrow as we are cooking beef on the spit tonight!! c

  4. I’ve not had paninis in such a long time! wow love the shiny new gadget haha Your roast beef version looks really good though :)

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