Eating Around: Le Petit Senon

Jade’s day off, we did a little shopping and lunch.   Le Petit Senon is a small restaurant on the Sens pedestrian shopping walk, across the street from La Cuisine de Lolie   We had eaten here about a year ago and remembered a warm reception and perfectly “correct” food.  That has not changed.  I love the owner, a petite, friendly and interested woman who seems to like what she’s doing.

Not very hungry, we opted for enormous salads that could get one through a 12 hour cotton picking shift in Alabama.  Jade had the salad with house made foie gras and magret de canard.   Exceptional!   I chose the Mediterranean salad with a trio of fish, including an opulent, smoked salmon.  Fabulous!   Still, there was dessert.  Oh, yes.

Jade had the chocolate trio with a buttery compote of peach, topped with whipped cream. We shared my Cafe Gourmand which, I think rivaled the excellent Cafe Gourmand at La Cuisine de Lolie (Sorry Lolie); tiramisu ice cream, peach compote, vanilla macaroon, cherry tart, citrus fruit in a sweet liqueur and, of course, coffee.

Le Petit Senon is a great restaurant in which to have a relaxed, leisurely lunch, inside or out.   The service is impeccable and friendly with an aim to please.  Thank you Petit Senon.  We had a wonderful day of shopping and a wonderful lunch.


Jade:  8.5 – The house made fois gras with onion compote

Rosemary:  8.0 – Salad Mediterranean and the Cafe Gourmand

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13 Responses to Eating Around: Le Petit Senon

  1. I’m ready to cotton pick, OK, not really, but that was too funny! Looks like a great meal!

  2. jade00jade says:

    Waaaw j’adore la photo 4 : ). En plus, c’est extraordinairement trop bon le dessert derrière la glace…Miam je commanderais ca la prochaine fois.

  3. ceciliag says:

    What a gorgeous meal with those heavenly little desserts. Such a treat.! c

  4. madeleine says:

    je n’ai pu vous dire orevoir,merci pour votre simpaty tres belles fotos,en esperant vous revoir.
    madeleine,le petit senon.

  5. ambrosiana says:

    Fantastic photos and food!! I am admiring those wonderful little dessert glasses!!

  6. ....RaeDi says:

    My Goodness, everything looks so wonderful… I would love the recipe for the house made foie gras! Each and all is such a beauty….RaeDi Lovely pictures!!!!

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